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How much can you earn as a personal trainer?

Working in an industry which you love, and getting paid for it can sometimes seem too good to be true! However, when considering a career in the fitness industry, it is important to consider the salary¬†you can expect to make and ensure it corresponds¬†with your financial obligations and lifestyle. Naturally, one of the first questions people ask when considering a career as a PT is “how much can I earn as a Personal Trainer?

The beauty of becoming a personal trainer, is you will usually be self-employed, meaning you determine your level of income. This, of course, has pros and cons, but if you are seriously committed to making a career out of your passion for fitness, you should have no problem making a very comfortable income.

Below is an example of projected earnings based on charging clients $60/hour. You can of course charge more or less depending on your level of expertise, and work as much/as little as you like over a week, month or year.

Personal Trainer Salary Chart














NB: These are projected example earnings only as self-employed revenue is ultimately up to the individual. The above mention regarding revenue is not anticipated as financial advice – you should seek professional direction for any questions regarding your finances.

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