21 August, 2020

The fitness industry has really been challenged by the impacts of COVID-19, none more so than the need to shift our services online in the aim to provide ‘remote’ or ‘at-home’ experiences for our clients.

What this means is that we’ve had to acquire and adopt completely new skills that we’ve never had before, particularly the ability to train and motivate people through a computer screen.

Although the concept of remote training itself is not new, the need to adopt online systems and programs is as important as ever. Which is why we’re here to help with this list of the best tools to help you transition your PT services online:


Social Media:

We’re going to start with the most obvious, and definitely the cheapest. Utilising platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to either live stream or post your virtual sessions has become incredibly popular and effective.

These social media channels are a great way to schedule sessions for people to tune in live or to watch on demand, and you’ll be able to track your viewers to see how many people have engaged with your business.

Although you won’t be making money on sessions delivered through social media, they’re a great way for you to maintain engagement with existing clients, as well as engage with prospective clients for the first time, almost like a trial, who could then become loyal clients when they see how good you are!

Social Media Icons


MY PT Hub:

MY PT Hub is a mobile app that allows fitness professionals to customise training and nutritional programs for their clients, who can use the app themselves to access their schedule and make appointments with you.

You can also run classes, bootcamps and other fitness events, as well as handle business activities such as creating customer forms, storing documents and selling packages to your clients.

There are a couple of pricing plans depending on the features you want access to, and discounts if you subscribe to a yearly plan.

My PT Hub


PT Minder:

PT Minder is another business management tool that allows you to book in sessions with clients, process payments, store information and also integrate with marketing software to reach new customers.

You can also build remote workouts and nutrition plans, as well as schedule virtual classes. One of the most unique features is the ability to build a custom branded app for iOS and Android devices to enhance the client experience with your business.

The pricing structure is based on how many clients you intend to service, the more clients you have, the more expensive the plan.

PT Minder


Trainerize is more tailored for fitness studios, providing the opportunity to take members online with workouts, on-demand classes, progress tracking and group training.

This app does give sole traders the ability to manage individual clients, with features such as lead management and set-up, in-app payments, training templates and tracking, exercise libraries, meal plans and operational support.

Fitness professionals with their own clients can try it out for free or on a minimal budget, while there are also plans for more enterprise-focused fitness centres with hundreds of clients.



TrueCoach has a network of over 20,000 personal trainers and fitness coaches worldwide, and allows you to provide really personalised solutions to your clients such as custom exercise videos, real-time messaging and email notifications, program builders, progress tracking and overall client management.

This platform was established in 2015, and has developed a range of new features along the way. There are three tiered plans to choose from, each based on the number of clients you intend to service, with clients able to access the app on either iOS or Android devices.

True Coach



KIXXFIT is the new kid on the block and recently launched in Australia. Its main purpose is to provide you with a dedicated platform to upload, feature and monetise your fitness content and services.

From live workouts to on-demand programs, your clients will be able to engage with your content – also including eBooks and online communities – at any time, from anywhere in the world.

You can set up your brand channel in just a few minutes and use it to attract potential clients to the platform, where they can schedule in sessions, join programs and attend events.

This app is free to use to simply access a variety of fitness and health content, whilst there are paid options for both members and coaches to use at a deeper level.




Of course, there are other fitness programs and platforms out there that may also help you deliver your services online, but from our research of this growing industry, these are some of the best that we’ve come across.


If you’d like some more information about how to maintain business in the wake of COVID-19, feel free to check out our recent Virtual Conference Series where we speak to several key stakeholders across the industry about some of the challenges and solutions that have been presented to the fitness industry in Australia.



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