26 November, 2015

Many people seek the help of a Personal Trainer for various reasons relating to their health and fitness.

Here are my top 7 reasons why you should invest in a Personal Trainer:

Help you be accountablrp_x_0_0_0_14105277_800.jpge – Setting goals is a must, so having a trainer for you to check-in with at each session is helpful to staying on track. Reaching specific goals is likely to require work in-between sessions – checking in with your personal trainer allows debriefing of successes and challenges and program tweaks to ensure you’re on the pathway to success.

Appropriate exercises – The key to doing a great exercise session is to make sure it is balanced with exercises appropriate to your level and that it addresses your goals. There is no point in doing a high intensity session if your body just isn’t ready for it. Guessing your exercise regime without instruction from a professional can lead to injury and imbalances around the body. A personal trainer considers exercises that reflect your posture, mobility, strength, and fitness level.

Specialised guidance – Having a personal trainer guiding you through exercises and correcting your technique minimises the potential for injury. It’s all in the fine tuning of movements that get the body functioning correctly. Having a set of eyes assessing you from all angles can pick up any incorrect movements and make adjustments accordingly.

Prioritise your health – You only realise the importance of your health when you lose it. Good health and fitness should not be looked at as a short-term fix; it needs to be practiced daily by making good nutrition choices and consistent exercise efforts. One tactic to keep your health a high priority is to book in and pay a personal trainer for supervised exercise sessions. Committing financially means you are less likely to skip the session and it remains part of your regular schedule. Another tactic is to buddy up with a friend for a joint personal training session – the commitment to another person can also help ensure you attend.

Get outside your comfort zone – Don’t expect to improve if you always exercise in your comfort zone. Personal trainers can identify a safe way of pushing you outside your comfort zone and challenging you, to help get the results you desire. Enjoy the personal challenge of getting uncomfortable and feeling fantastic for the rest of the day. It’s totally worth it!

To educate & motivate – Personal trainers will educate you along your journey in areas such as movement, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. When you understand some of these fundamentals it will begin to make sense how amazing our bodies are and how they can adapt and transform. Small accumulated changes over time make a difference and from that motivation can grow. Personal trainers provide a supportive environment when it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle and seek to promote that at all times.

Exercise plans – Outside of the personal training sessions, trainers can write tailored programs to be completed at home, on holidays, another gym or outdoors at a park. These sessions would complement your personal training session and be tailored towards your goals. It may be something as simple as walking 10,000 steps per day or participating in a spinning class, or it might be a tailored strength program to be completed with limited access to weights.  Personal trainers can be very inventive!

There are many personal trainers on the market these days, so it’s very important to do your research and make sure they’re appropriately qualified.  Consider meeting up beforehand to get to know your trainer and to ask any questions you might have about the type of services they offer, prices, how they can help you and even gauge their passion for health and fitness.

Article Written by Tammy Curtis, AFA Lecturer & Owner/Head Personal Trainer, Fit for All Personal Training

If you would like to be a Personal Trainer and help others achieve their goals, contact the AFA Careers Team today!

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