6 June, 2019

Personal Training sounds like a great job when you’re young and fit, but do people really make a career out of it?

Have you ever wondered how big the fitness industry is in Australia? Does it provide sufficient career opportunities to consider it as a sustainable, profitable career option?

A recent report from Skills IQ provided a very interesting snapshot of the size of the fitness industry within Australia. Using data provided in an IBIS World Industry review, Skills IQ identified that in 2018:

  • There were 31,400 registered fitness professionals
  • There were 21,000 businesses that operated within the sport, fitness and recreation sector. These included 8,200 PT studios, 4,400 gyms and fitness centres, 3,000 sports clubs and recreation facilities
  • The arts and recreation industry was expected to grow by 8.7% in the next 5 years with the numbers of fitness instructors increasing by 18.4%
  • It was predicted that fitness centre revenues will grow at an annualised 1.8% over the half-decade through to 2023, to reach $2.4 billion from its 2018 value of $2.2 billion.

Another interesting statistic identified in the report was the profile of the ‘average’ fitness professional. Females make up 61.2% of those employed in the industry, while the average age was 35 years. In addition, 35.8% of workers were full time, with the balance made up of either casual or contracted workers.

At Australian Fitness Academy, we offer a free job board to employers to post vacancies and we receive on average, more than 30 positions each month.

So how do we interpret this information and how does it relate to you? These statistics confirm that the fitness industry is well established and one of the larger employment sectors in the country.  The expected growth also confirms that employment opportunities will continue to be available well into the next decade.

The relative percentages of full- and part-time workers also indicated there is an opportunity for a healthy work-life balance. If you want to work part-time and fit it in around your other commitments, most employers are happy to offer this option.

Furthermore, the average age of fitness professionals being in the mid-thirties indicates that it is not just a job for young people. While the report, unfortunately, didn’t include any statistics on how long people had been working in the industry, Fitness Australia offers a registration scheme that includes categories of registration based on years of industry experience.  The Fitness Australia level 3 classification is available to Personal Trainers with over 10 years of industry experience and it includes more than 3,400 trainers.

While the research report was centred on the fitness industry in Australia, with the portability of qualifications, Personal Training is a vocation that is recognised globally. Currently, the USA has the highest number of fitness centres and gym participants. But the fitness industries in China and India are expanding at a rapid rate and offer opportunities for Personal Trainers looking to relocate or potentially work while they travel.

So, if you’re considering a career in the fitness industry, what’s holding you back? It’s never too late to start and the rewards of helping people to achieve their goals are hugely satisfying!

Our Careers Consultants can help to start you on your path and are available to chat with you on 1300 232 348, or you can enquire here.



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