Royal Brighton Yacht Club occupies a busy site in a high-profile location on the Brighton waterfront.

The current redevelopment of the forecourt, addition of a large deck and redesign of the space Olympic room will bring about major changes at the Club, so it is timely to re-consider the space occupied and function fulfilled by the gym.

The Club currently maintains a contractual arrangement with a Personal Trainer who has exclusive use of the space, and who helps manage and supervise the place for and on behalf of the Club.

This document aims to reset the compass, and create an exciting opportunity for a new contractual agreement for the way the gym is managed, controlled and marketed.

All suitably experienced and qualified parties, including the incumbent Trainer, are invited to put forward an EOI outlining their proposals to take on the gym within the confines of the parameters set by this document.


The gym has operated in its current form for over ten years, providing certain Members, and also clients of the Personal Trainer, access to and use of the gym:

  • Members after an induction with the Personal Trainer on an annual membership year basis
  • Clients of the Personal Trainer under the direct supervision of the trainer for up to ten sessions (before they are asked to join the Club as Member with access to the gym).

The current Personal Trainer pays the Club a monthly fee for exclusive use of the gym, with the status of an independent contractor. The Trainer is also responsible for keeping relevant qualifications and insurances current, and for inducting all new users to the gym.  The Club currently pays the trainer for such inductions.

The Club on its part maintains the gym, and holds comprehensive public liability insurance. It has a duty of care towards users of the gym and needs to ensure equipment is fit for use, in good repair and that signage and control of the gym is safe and compliant.


The Club is considering making access to the gym for Members of all membership types over 18 (excluding social Members) an optional long or short term extra.  It is thought that this new flexibility will boost overall usage of the gym.

With the Club inviting the community into the Club from the walkway and onto the deck, there will be a new emphasis on promoting Membership, and the benefit of taking out the gym option.

It is envisaged that as part of the redesign one or two pieces of outdoor exercise equipment will provide a focal point for the gym, as will holding group exercises (from yoga, to CrossFit and even Zumba style exercise) on the new artificial grass on the forecourt.


The Club also offers access to the adjoining beach for say beach volleyball, stand-up paddle boarding (The Club intends to buy 10 stand up paddleboards for complimentary Members’ use), or swims off the beach.

Improvements sought by the Club

  • The Club requires better control over access to the gym – as there is a problem with usage of the gym by Members who are not entitled to use, and by visitors who appear to be free-loading on the facility.
  • Whilst the incumbent trainer is here most mornings and by appointment at other times, we would like to see broader attendance so that control and supervision can be improved.
  • Gym etiquette is not well enforced with many users not wiping down equipment after use – the club would like to see these standards further improved.
  • Improved signage on equipment, detailing correct usage and cautioning against incorrect or dangerous use is required – the Club is prepared to fund this.
  • The two external doors are often left open for fresh air – but as an unintended effect of this, people have got use to traipsing through the gym on their way in to the Club, often with sand on their feet – we need more permanent barrier which let through air but stop access of this kind.
  • The Club would very much like to see exercise programs offered that are tailored for sailors and (open water) swimmers.
  • The Club would also like to see generic wellness advice extended to Club Members.

EOI details required by the Club

Your EOI should include the following:

  • Proposed contractual details and monthly payment offered by you
  • Details of qualifications, experience and insurance carried
  • Details of how the opportunities offered by the Club are taken advantage of
  • Details of how you would ensure the improvements sought by the Club are met

Questions from interested parties

Questions from interested parties may in first instance be addressed to Club General Manager Eric Wegman, preferably by email via gm@rbyc.org.au.

EOI process, timeline and final determination

1 January 2016 EOI request published and distributed
15 February 2017 Deadline for receipt by Club of EOIs
15-27 February 2017 Shortlist created and interview(s) conducted, report made to General Committee
27 February 2017 General Committee consider recommendations and determines successful partner

Given that this is an EOI rather than a tender process, any decisions by General Committee will be final and cannot be appealed in any way.

All submissions should be addressed to club General Manager Eric Wegman, in soft copy to gm@rbyc.org.au or in hard copy to General Manager Eric Wegman, Royal Brighton Yacht Club, PO Box 74, Middle Brighton, VIC 3186.


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