Dear Ambitious Trainer,

My name is Jarrod Brown, and I’m the founder of Evolve Performance Method (EPM). And right now, I’m on the lookout for a freshly qualified trainer (or strength coach) to join our growing team.

You’ll join a small team of high performance coaches based out of Spartan’s Gym in Kilsyth. Our core focus is on helping our clients understand and empower themselves through scientifically backed fitness systems. We don’t like guessing. And we don’t ‘wear someone out’ simply for the sake of it.

To excel in this role, you will love learning new things and have a natural curiosity to grow. You’ll enjoy the close mentorship and advice on offer. And not be afraid to give things a try with us.

And since we hire on attitude first, and aptitude second, I don’t expect you to know it all. I just ask that you keep an open mind and give it your best.

What this all means is if you’ve got a strong work ethic, love to learn, are looking for someone to show you the deep in’s and out’s of the fitness industry…and want to grow a solid foundation for your future moving forward, then check out what we’re looking for from you below:

Evolve performance logoYou are:

  • A student of the health and fitness game (you love learning, growing and being around the fitness environment)
  • Dedicated to providing a first class experience to our clients and partners
  • Keen to kickstart and grow a sustainable career in the fitness industry with expert guidance and mentorship
  • Open to following our proven (and provided) systems, methods, practices and platforms to help our clients transform
  • Open minded toward feedback and personal growth
  • Serious about challenging yourself and excited to try something new
  • A self starter who isn’t afraid to share ideas and thoughts
  • Ready to rapidly accelerate your career (and be paid for it)
  • Someone who values integrity, honesty, professionalism and hard work
  • Ready to kickstart your career in the fitness industry
  • Qualified in Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness


EPM Coaching Role:

  • Work up to a total of 25-30 hours per week (including 5 additional hours for learning and professional growth)
  • A mixture of AM/PM sessions (these will be discussed and adapted as you and the business’ needs grow)
  • Take clients through 1-1 training sessions
  • Take clients through semi private training sessions (maximum 3 people at a time)
  • Participate in filming for social media purposes for EPM
  • Maintain records of your clients’ progress
  • Produce 1 weekly content piece (full direction provided)
  • Be punctual, present and professional for all sessions


Additional Roles and Duties as Position Develops:

  • Conduct consults with the leads that we generate for you
  • Organise and lead workshops/seminars to the public


Benefits of the Role:

  • Develop your skill set as a professional trainer and coach
  • Become part of a fast growing business
  • Build a sustainable career with a team who supports your ambitions
  • Gain full salary benefits including tax, superannuation and holiday pay
  • Gain complete access to over 10 years of systems, processes, troubleshooting documents and fitness industry specific advice
  • Push yourself and your career to exciting new levels
  • Gain access to a high quality (and ongoing) education in areas that are important to both you and the business


Keen? Here’s how to apply:

Email your application to [email protected] with current CV and a personalised cover letter (or video) with the following two things:

  1. Why we are a good fit FOR YOU
  2. What you bring to the table and why we should consider your application
Australian Fitness Academy 1300 232 348 [email protected]
701 Glenhuntly Road
Caulfield Victoria
3162 Australia