Start 2016 in a career you love and become a Personal Trainer with the Australian Fitness Academy.

Face to Face Classes commence in Toowong, Brisbane in March 2017.AFA18-700x630

SIS30315 & SIS40215

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

With over 24 years of experience, you will be learning from the best, and will receive the following benefits as part of your course:

  • Government Subsidised Training or a $200 discount on your course fees
  • A FREE Certificate in Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Guaranteed Interviews on completion of the course
  • A 2XU high performance top for your practical placement
  • Additional Certificates in Older Adults Training, Children’s Training and Strength and Conditioning
  • Payment plans enabling you to study for just $50 a week!



Start dates:

Certificate III in Fitness – 15th March 2017

Certificate IV in Fitness – 2nd March 2017

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1300 232 348

In just over 6 months my life has changed from feeling unstimulated in the career I was in and unsure of the direction I wanted my life to go, to starting each day with a smile and excited to go to work. Originally I decided to study my certificate III and IV through Australian Fitness Academy for my own knowledge as I was passionate about fitness.

After speaking with the student support team several times I had finally decided to enrol however the course had already started 3 weeks ago. I was nervous for my first day as I thought that I was going to be behind and would find it difficult to catch up on the weeks that I had missed. Between phone calls from Student Support and Shane, the trainer at Toowong, I was very prepared on what work I had to have ready for my first class on Thursday.

Each class was fun and exciting and each week I left with new knowledge that I couldnt wait to share. I was more motivated then I ever thought I would be and I wanted to pass this motivation onto other people.

There was extra work outside of the class room but each module was so interesting that this work was something that I wanted to complete. Between my other class mates, Shane and Student Support I felt supported through out my whole course and there was always someone to answer any of the many questions that I had. Thursdays became a day of the week that I looked forward to and as the course went on my passion for health and fitness grew stronger.

On the final day of my Certificate IV I received news that I had been offered a job as an assistant club manager in a franchise gym. The enjoyment that I had from going into class I now get every day and also get paid for it. I am the happiest I have ever been with my job and myself, and I can confidentaly say that deciding to study my Certificate III and IV in fitness is one of the best decisions I have made.

Koby, QLD


Personal Best has provided me with the ability to confidently enter into the Fitness industry. Shane (AFA lecturer) has achieved this through creating a practical learning environment and helping to refine our skills, in both the gym and outdoor environment.

Over the duration of the course I gained greater depth and understanding of anatomy, exercise principles and business marketing, providing a great basis to the practical components of the course.

Shane incorporated role playing in 1 on 1 and group training scenarios, ran through a variety of tests and exercise methods, and provided an overall practical approach allowing students to experience both client and trainer perspectives.

I strongly believe that Shane’s practical approach to this certificate 3 and 4 is what made it such a worthwhile experience.

The exposure to the professional levels of professionalism and the presentation of what the fitness industry demands to be a successful fitness professional has built me into i believe the best fitness professional i could be.

Best wishes to Shane and Personal Best in the future, as they continue to produce quality Fitness Professionals!

Sam, QLD


“I could not speak highly enough of my experience studying Cert 3 & 4 at Australian Fitness Academy.

The staff are exceptional and were always happy to help me understand what was required as a student and assist with any queries I may have had. I would recommend AFA to anyone looking to work in the fitness industry.”

— Nick, AFA Graduate

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