Become a CrossFit Trainer and Personal Trainer

Over the last decade CrossFit has established its own fitness regimen, supported by tribe of avid devotees and participants.

CrossFit has developed its own training system incorporating high intensity, functional movements that combine both strength and cardio elements.  The exercises and workouts are based on aspects of gymnastics and weightlifting with activities like running and rowing mixed in for the added benefit!

The annual CrossFit games challenge enthusiasts to compete against each other to win the title of ‘the world’s fittest athlete’.  It has become a highly regarded and eagerly anticipated event on the fitness calendar.

How to become a CrossFit Trainer?

CrossFit is an international brand with its own standards and system of accreditation for instructors.  In that regard, it’s similar to Les Mills in how it trains instructors.

Australian Fitness Academy has no direct affiliation with Crossfit.

To become a CrossFit instructor you can enrol into a CrossFit course with no previous experience.  You don’t need to complete a Certificate III and / or IV in Fitness.

However, in our opinion, the courses are not sufficient to instruct clients with confidence and authority.  You’ll need much more than a 2-day course to instruct clients on correct lifting technique, without any detailed understanding of muscle recruitment, movement mechanics, exercise programming, recovery and nutrition, etc.

To become an exercise professional with a clear understanding and knowledge of fitness, it is highly recommended that you attain your Certificate III and IV in Fitness. These certificates will cover a vast range of topics that you’ll be able to apply when working as a CrossFit trainer.

We also recommend you register with Fitness Australia to enable you to take out insurance to cover you and your clients while you are working in the fitness industry.  The CrossFit qualifications alone are not recognised with Fitness Australia.

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