AFA Graduate & Student Reviews

Simon graduated from the Certificate III & IV in Fitness in March 2011 and has set up his own Training Studio, Fitstrong.

“At Fitstrong our main objective is to help you get healthy results the right way. We have up to date training techniques and new equipment, that are designed to achieve body conditioning and improve ones fitness.”


Fitness-Careers-AFA-Ambassador-Lask-1Shelley graduated in 2012… ”after a one year break from the fitness industry (spent working in the disability field and gaining my cert 4 in disability studies), I’ve been running my business “Body Positive Health & Fitness” since July 2013.

As a trainer I use a Health at Every Size approach which is all about recognising the natural diversity of body types and focusing on engaging in healthy behaviours (such as enjoyable movement to improve strength, mobility and cardiovascular health) rather than focusing on weight loss.

My goal is to help my clients connect with their bodies in a positive way to improve body image while they improve their health and fitness.

I run both private and group fitness sessions in St Kilda/Albert Park and surrounds, mostly outdoors although I do some in-home training. Because my background is in boxing and MuayThai I often work these skills into sessions as well and it’s very satisfying to watch my clients progress and increase their confidence.

My website is www.bodypositivehf.com.au and my Facebook is www.facebook.com/bodypositivehealthandfitness.

Blake  completed his Certificate III & IV in Fitness in 2011.

Since completing my Certificate 3&4 in Fitness online in 2011, I have been working casually as a Personal Trainer/admin for Lincoln Stewart Fitness for 2 years. I enrolled in a Bachelor of Sport Science – Physical Education at Victoria university starting in 2013 (having completed the Certificate 3&4 in fitness helped with my  application of gaining a spot in the course). I’m going into my 3rd year at Uni and I have recently gained an internship as analysis and assisting in strength & conditioning for the 2015 season at the Melbourne Storm Rugby Club. For the future I hope to gain employment from the Melbourne Storm or teach physical education.”

1. What do you know about the industry now, that you wish you had known when you first started out?

It can lead to many other opportunities in the fitness and sporting industry other than personal training. I spent months planning and organising working in a gym because that’s all I thought I could do with it. Now I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Sport Science – Physical Education at Victoria University and working at the Melbourne Storm as an analysis and assisting in strength and conditioning.

2. How has the industry changed in the time you have been in it?

There’s a lot more PTs and competition for employment in the industry, though there are a lot more gyms opening also which creates more opportunity to work in a gym. I also believe people are becoming more educated about the health benefits through exercise than previously in the past.

3. Any advice you would like to offer to students looking to start in the industry?

My advice to new people entering the industry would be to keep doing further study in exercise after the Cert 3&4 so you can keep increasing your knowledge and ability.

There are lots of different jobs in the industry as well as being a PT, the options are endless so think big and strive for it. (Networking is essential).


Fiona completed her Certificate III & IV in Fitness with Australian Fitness Academy in 2011 and has gone on to achieve such wonderful success both professionally and personally. This is her Fitness Industry Success Story.

“Hi my name is Fiona and I have been working as a Personal Trainer for the past 3 years.AFA Graduate - Fiona Kriaris

At the age of 29 years I decided that I wasn’t content in my everyday job. Ever since I was a teenager I loved health and fitness, I have been a regular gym goer from the age of 16 years and then from the age of 20 I’ve consistently had a Personal Trainer. I just considered myself as having a passionate hobby yet I never thought it was something I would do as a profession, because I already had an established career. But there came a time where I could no longer resist the urge to study fitness further.

I started to immerse myself in anything related to health and fitness and that’s when I stumbled across Australian Fitness Academy. I decided to study my Cert 3 & 4 in fitness part time for 9 months while still at my full time job. I thought to myself even if I just learned about what I loved for my own personal use then I would be satisfied.

I found myself loving the nights when I was at AFA and would return home euphoric. By the time I finished the course I knew that this study was going to become more. Within a few months I began working as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Health Club Staff at Macleod YMCA. Not only was this my gym that I adored but it has become my new dream job!

To be part of a workplace with like-minded people that are passionate within an environment that is progressive and supportive has allowed me to flourish. I have been able to manage a regular PT client base, where I love helping my clients become healthier and be the best version of themselves. In terms of Group Fitness I have taken the following sessions: bootcamps, kettlebell, cycle, TRX suspension trainer, RIP trainer, meditation, boxing, special forces etc. My work has also led me to a managerial role where I am also a Fitness Coordinator, this has given me more experience and diversity.

Last year I had the privilege of being a finalist for Group Fitness Instructor, and then this year a finalist for Personal Trainer of the year, at the YMCA State Awards. To my surprise this year I found out at the awards night that I was nominated in a new category, Vision 2020 award “inspire” and I won!

The award means that there is an understanding of needs for individuals, families, and participants and inspires them to achieve their goals through physical activity. Plus by advocating the benefits of physical activity and while coming into contact with people they in-turn make them feel healthier and happier for their experience. This by far has been the highlight of my career. As I reflect I sometimes wonder how I managed to be in what I feel is the best job in the world…I guess when you are on the path of your life purpose the rest sort of falls into place.

As the saying goes if you love what you do, you never have to work another day in your life.”



Jazz completed his Certificate III & IV in Fitness studies with AFA in 2010 and has recently partnered up with a few friends to setup a Fitness and Martial Arts Centre in New Delhi India.

PT shot




Congratulations to Jacqui Toohey, the 2012 Graduate of the Year, who has launched her own business, Heart Body & Soul.


Heart Body & Soul is a women’s only fitness business that provides outdoor personal training and small group fitness sessions in the parks and gardens of Melbourne.


Nick graduated from Certificate III & IV in Fitness with Australian Fitness Academy in August 2013 and was the graduate of the year 2013.

“I could not speak highly enough of my experience studying Cert 3 & 4 at Australian Fitness Academy.

The staff are exceptional and were always happy to help me understand what was required as a student and assist with any queries I may have had. The trainers were extremely knowledgeable and were always happy to talk with me and my fellow students after class about our studies or working in the fitness industry. Dale, Tammy and Nathaniel were very approachable and I found their classes interesting and informative.

I would recommend AFA to anyone looking to work in the fitness industry.”


Luke completed his Certificate III & IV in Fitness with Australian Fitness Academy in March 2010 and was the AFA Graduate of the Year 2010!

Luke has since set up his own successful business…

“At Knockout Fitness and Boxing our personal training programs involve learning correct technique and getting fit through sport-specific conditioning drills. Our group fitness programs include Muay Thai kickboxing classes, ladies only boxercise and kickboxing classes, boxing classes for men, self-defence workshops and boot camps. We’re not your stereotypical ‘fighter trainers.’ We’re all approachable and willing to develop anyone who is committed to their training. Whether you want to just get fit and have fun while learning an art, or even get in the ring for competition, we can help you achieve your goals! More information can be found at http://www.knockoutfitness.com.au/

We visited Luke’s new facility and he has done an amazing job in getting it all up and running. Congratulations Luke!


Luci completed her Certificate IV in Fitness in September 2011 and has opened her own Mobile Personal Training Business!

“I run both boot camp sessions and one on one personal training. My Boot Camps are strenuous exercise, with significant physical results including increased aerobic and anaerobic fitness. But there’s definitely no slacking in Boot Camp, no matter what your fitness, you are worked to push through your barriers. I offer challenging workouts that are  effective, but never boring. Check out my web site www.exerciseworks-personaltraining.com.au

I have trained and mentored many prospective Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers over my 11 years in the fitness industry, but Regan was fantastic and was far and away the best work experience person I have encountered. I would have no hesitation in recommending Regan for a position in any gym or Personal Training Studio. Much of the success of our experience with Regan can be attributed to the fact that the Australian Fitness Academy’s program ensured that the student actually studied and experienced all facets of the fitness industry. The program was extremely thorough and made the student aware of the rigours involved in being a successful Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer.

— Happy Life Newcastle, Owner at Happy Life Newcastle

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