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Shelly Lask

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What were you doing prior to working in the fitness industry?

Before I was a personal trainer I worked in professional indemnity insurance broking and underwriting and did boxing and Muay Thai on the side. I took a break to spend two years as an athlete in Thailand while working as the International Liaison for the World Muay Thai Council, but returned to insurance when I came back to Australia. After I did my Cert IV Fitness I worked as a disability support worker assisting with recreational activities for two years and taught in a boxing gym prior to going full time with my personal training business.

Where are you working now and what is your role?

I run my own mobile personal training business which I love. I speak to young people, community groups and parents about body image for The Butterfly Foundation, I am running a pilot program for increasing inclusion, engagement and positive body image in high school PE and sit on the advisory board for Health at Every Size Australia.

Why did you decide on a career in the fitness industry?

I both wanted to share all the wonderful benefits of being active and strong with others and wanted to see the fitness industry promote positive body image and be more inclusive of body diversity, so I decided to get in there and get involved in making some of those changes myself.

How have you found the transition between studying and working?

I loved studying and love working in the industry even more. I learned so much at AFA and from my work experience that I felt well supported to keep learning and growing through my career.

What do you love most about working in fitness?

Watching people become more at home in their bodies and feel capable and strong is endlessly rewarding and I love that there is always more for me to learn.

Why did you choose AFA to assist you to become qualified?

I asked friends in the industry who they recommended and looked at the qualifications and experience of the lecturers and AFA came out on top.

If you could give someone considering a career in fitness some advice, what would it be?

If you’re prepared to work hard, go the extra mile and continuously learn, stay up to date with the research and challenge yourself, then you’ll love it and you’ll do well!

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