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AFA18-700x630What’s your career goal?

The opportunities a Personal Training qualification brings you within the health and fitness industry are not limited to working in the gym.

What’s your career goal?

Outdoor Trainer?

Older Adults Trainer?

Sports Trainer?

Boot Camps?

Gym Manager?

Kids Fitness Classes?


The Outdoors is your Office!

Enjoy what nature has to offer as your own Personal Training studio. One on one Personal Training right through to group sessions are perfect for parks and beaches.

Girl outdoors - medium

King of the Kids!

Help change tomorrow by making the kids of today fit and healthy! Teach them lifelong habits that will carry them through to become fit and healthy adults.


Specialist Trainer

Work with sporting clubs, athletes and motivated clients training for marathons, triathlons and more!


Whip clients into shape with Bootcamps

Get your clients ready for Tough Mudder or just a tough day at the office! Bootcamps are the rage and for good reason. They’re motivating, social and make your clients work hard. They’re also great for PTs as you can train large groups in the one session.

Direct punch by young woman to man on tae bo

Personal Training Around the World

Travel the world as a Personal Trainer on a luxury cruise ship! Steiner One Spa World are always looking for Personal Trainers. Only the best need apply.



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“Over the past years we have employed many graduates of the AFA and have been impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm.”

— Jodie, Director at Healthy Balance Fitness

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