9 August, 2019

Are you bored with stock-standard push-ups? Want to try some new tricks and increase your upper body strength?

If yes, we’ve got you covered with 5 push up progressions that will help take your form, strength and technique to the next level!

Note: these are mostly suited for people who can currently complete 15+ push-ups on their toes.

When completing these exercises, remember that technique is everything and to focus on quality above quantity. When you do this, you will get stronger faster because you will be activating the right muscles.

Here are our 5 push up progressions:

  1. Eccentric Push-Ups

These are great because they challenge the muscles in a completely different way leading to an increase in muscular strength. This push up is performed by going slow on the down phase (eccentric) for a count of at least 4 seconds. You can play with how slow you go, and remember the slower you go, the harder it will be. You would then complete the up phase at normal speed, which is usually a count of 1 or 2 seconds.

Eccentric toes 1aEccentric toes 1b

Tip: You can also do this on your knees if you are a beginner, which we highly recommend to progress your push-ups.

Eccentric knees 2aEccentric knees 2b

  1. Elevated Push-Ups

You can use a bench, step, Swiss Ball or TRX to achieve this push-up. Ensure your core is engaged because if it’s not, it can put additional pressure on the lower back. Engage your core throughout and complete as many as you can with good form, rest and repeat.

Elevated option 1aElevated option 1b

Elevated option 2aElevated option 2b

  1. Pike Push-Ups

This push up is different because your hips are higher than your head which will work your shoulders a lot more than normal push-ups, while still working the triceps and core.

Tip: You can do these with your feet elevated if you want to take it to the next level.

Pike Push up 1aPike push up 2b

  1. Staggered Push-Ups

This push up will challenge your stability, shoulders and triceps strength in a whole new way! The arm that is lower will be forced to work more as it takes the majority of the load, therefore increasing your upper body strength and core.

Staggered push ups 1aStaggered push ups 1b

Staggered push ups 2aStaggered pushups 2b

  1. Spiderman Push-Ups

This push-up variation is by far the most advanced on this list. As you perform each push-up, your arms will be in the staggered position as you lift one knee to the elbow. As you do this, one leg is actually off the ground putting more load on your arms and core. You will also get a solid oblique workout which is a nice cherry on top!

Spiderman pushups 1aSpiderman pushups 1b

Enjoy these push-up progressions and see your upper body and core strengthen very quickly.

Written by:

Eleni Coroneos

Student Support Office/Lecturer

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