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10 TRX Exercises For a Full Body Workout

22 January, 2020

The TRX system was invented by a former Navy SEAL who wanted a piece of equipment that he could use to stay in shape while he was deployed overseas. He wanted something that would give him a total body workout, that he could use in small spaces and that required minimal equipment – with this the TRX...

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Smoke Haze and Exercise

How to Exercise Safely in the Smoke Haze

15 January, 2020

As the devastating bushfires continue to burn across Australia, smoke pollution has blanketed many cities and surrounding areas around the country. With fires expected to blaze for months, and dozens of communities fighting to protect their lives and homes, many are living with smoke haze and thick...

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Fitness Trends for 2020

Top Fitness Trends for 2020

3 January, 2020

With both the New Year and New Decade upon us, fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike are anticipating what the top fitness trends will be for the year ahead. To help guide health and fitness programming efforts for 2020 and beyond, The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) have conducted...

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Heart Rate Training Zones

How to Calculate and Effectively Use Heart Rate Zones

16 December, 2019

Are you exercising at the right intensity? Have you been told to work at 70-80% but aren’t really sure what that feels like or how to calculate it? Perhaps you’re just a numbers person and enjoy analysing the figures associated with your workout! Whatever your motivation is to calculate your heart r...

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Fitness Podcasts

Best Health & Fitness Podcasts

4 December, 2019

A bit over your Spotify playlist? Don’t have time to read a book? Not up to watching video content on your phone? Enter the world of podcasts. Podcasts have become an incredibly popular media platform, and for good reason. On the train to work, driving home in the afternoon, sitting at your desk, ev...

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Partner Workout

Total Body Partner Exercises

22 November, 2019

Are you sick of training alone? Looking for some added motivation to head to the gym? Exercising with a friend, family member or partner can make a workout so much more enjoyable! Partnered workouts provide a fun challenge and allow you to feed off of each other’s energy, pushing you both that littl...

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