Practical Placement / Work Experience Programs

FITZ2818Bridging the gap between study and employment!

We understand that getting access to fitness centres and facilities to complete this work experience is difficult for some people, which is why we are very flexible around these arrangements. You can contact us for more info about how we can help with this.

The Practical Placement is a structured program designed to give students of the Certificate III in Fitness and Certificate IV in Fitness true ‘hands-on’ experience prior to entering the fitness industry.

The in-depth program takes you from a shadowing role to a training role over a relatively short period of time, giving you the confidence to enter the fitness industry as well as improving your employment opportunities through obtaining valuable ‘on the job’ practical experience!

Many facilities Australia wide are happy to take on AFA students for practical placement because it offers them the opportunity to ‘check you out’ as a potential employee upon graduation.

It is important you approach the placement in a professional manner which is why we provide you with guidelines for arranging the placement and a structured assessment program for getting the most out of the experience.  We also provide you with an AFA branded 2XU uniform to help you look the part!

The practical placement/work experience is a key component of all our qualifications.


Become an AFA Mentor

If you’re a fitness professional currently working in the industry with a passion to support emerging fitness instructors and personal trainers, we invite you to participate in the Australian Fitness Academy’s Mentorship Program.

Share your experience, skills and knowledge as you guide AFA’s Certificate III and IV in Fitness students through the practical work experience placement hours of their course in a supervising role at your current workplace.

What are the benefits of being a mentor?

  • Professional Development (gain CEC’s towards your re-registration with Fitness Australia*)
  • Referral Rewards of $100 per person
  • Access to FREE courses through AFA
  • Recruitment (access and hand-pick the best candidates to build your business)
  • Business exposure (reach a wider fitness audience)

*eligibility criteria applies

Want more information on the Practical Placement requirements within your course? Want to know more about becoming a mentor with the Australian Fitness Academy? Please contact our student support on 1300 973 342 or email [email protected].

I have trained and mentored many prospective Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers over my 11 years in the fitness industry, but Regan was fantastic and was far and away the best work experience person I have encountered. I would have no hesitation in recommending Regan for a position in any gym or Personal Training Studio. Much of the success of our experience with Regan can be attributed to the fact that the Australian Fitness Academy’s program ensured that the student actually studied and experienced all facets of the fitness industry. The program was extremely thorough and made the student aware of the rigours involved in being a successful Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer.

— Happy Life Newcastle, Owner at Happy Life Newcastle

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