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How to Recover like an Elite Athlete

17 May, 2018

Recovery techniques have become an integral component of high performance sport, with new methods continuously being investigated and introduced to give athletes a competitive advantage. Adequate recovery has been shown to result in the restoration of physiological and psychological processes, with...

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What are the best health and fitness-related apps?

17 November, 2017

With Apple’s recent announcement of GymKit, which “allows Apple Watch users to sync data with gym equipment with a simple tap, displaying information from your personal profile on the equipment’s screen while also sending analytics from the equipment back to your apps.” So with that in mind, a...

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The Rise of the Insta-famous Insta-fitness Trend

11 May, 2017

The growth of social media, especially amongst the younger generation, has seen the rise of an all new type of famous, one that wouldn’t and couldn’t have existed just 10 years ago. It’s known as being ‘Insta-famous’, people who are famous through Instagram. In the health and fitness industry qualif...

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F45 – The Fitness Trend Taking Australia by Storm

14 February, 2017

F45 – you have probably heard of it, the new fitness trend that is taking Australia by storm. F stands for functional, 45 for the length of the class (makes sense), and the workouts are getting members coming back for more… Set up in a ‘boutique’ style studio, classes focus on high intensity interva...

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Top 10 fitness trends for 2017

15 December, 2016

Each year since 2006, the American College of Sports Medicine have conducted a global fitness trends survey. The survey was sent out to over 24,000 people, from all over the world. This year the survey received 1,801 responses—a good response rate by anyone’s standards. With 2016 almost at its end,...

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Technology in Sports Clothing: Do we really need it?

26 October, 2016

The use of sporting specific apparel is often brought into question. High performance outfits have made headlines in the past, when their design was considered to give athletes an unfair advantage. The Speedo LZR swimsuit was launched in February 2008. Made of woven polyurethane and spandex, the sui...

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