Ultimate-You1At Ultimate You Change Centre, we primarily conduct transformation challenges (9kg in 6 weeks, 5kg in 4 weeks etc.) and our training is largely group class based.

We will be seeking a PT (Cert III) early – mid January to join us with the following attributes:

  • Motivating and brings energy to every class
  • Sound technique correction and clear explanation of exercises
  • Able to follow class structure
  • Uses encouraging language throughout classes
  • Appropriate use of voice tonality and body language
  • Professional, neat personal presentation
  • Reliable

Initially we would be requiring someone to fill approx. 1-2 sessions a week (3 x 45min. classes per session).

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

Australian Fitness Academy 1300 232 348 [email protected]
701 Glenhuntly Road
Caulfield Victoria
3162 Australia