3 March, 2017


Last year Shirley Webb broke a world record after deadlifting 225 pounds, that’s just over 100kg! To some that might not seem much, but Shirley was 78 at the time and is edging her way, little by little, towards heavier weights. It might be easy to think that she’s always been fit and active and has just carried it into her senior years. However, only 2 years earlier Shirley could barely pick herself up out of a chair let alone lift weights.

What Shirley, and many others over 60, have achieved tells us is that even if you’ve never really exercised or worked out before, it’s possible to do really well if you’re willing to give it a try.

Shirley began her fitness journey by accompanying her granddaughter as a workout buddy in a gym. Others beyond 60 years of age have taken up running or cycling, or even team sports. According to Shirley at least, it’s all down to how you approach it.

She recommends that all you need is:

  • A workout buddy – to keep you motivated;
  • Clear and sensible goals – it will not be an overnight success;
  • A gym which supports you and your needs, and finally;
  • A personal trainer who is patient and experienced in working with older people.

That and a lot of dedication, good humour, and a willingness to change your lifestyle. If you’d to know more about Shirley’s acheivements you read the full article on getting fitness inspiration from a 78 year old weightlifting grandma.

Training the elderly comes with many benefits. They have a wealth of life experience, often have lots of free time and a disposable income. If you qualified as a personal trainer recently, you’ll likely have covered a unit in training older adults, if not, and you want to work with older adults, you can take a workshop to Instruct Exercise to Older Clients which will give you the knowledge in adapting programmes for elderly clients.

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