22 November, 2019

Are you sick of training alone? Looking for some added motivation to head to the gym? Exercising with a friend, family member or partner can make a workout so much more enjoyable! Partnered workouts provide a fun challenge and allow you to feed off of each other’s energy, pushing you both that little bit harder than what you would on your own. One of the best things about partner workouts is that they often require little equipment, so you and your workout buddy can train just about anywhere!

Gym Buddy


Plank Hold and Jump:

Equipment – None

  • Start by getting one partner to perform a plank
  • The other partner should stand at their feet and jump laterally over the planking partners ankles
  • Continuously jump back and forth for a period of time and then switch roles


Leg Raises:

Equipment – None

  • One partner starts by lying on the floor, holding onto the other partner’s ankles who will be standing above them
  • The partner on the floor raises both legs up towards the partner standing, who will push them back toward the ground
  • Complete for desired reps and switch roles


Wheelbarrow Push Up with Squat:

Equipment – None

  • One partner (A) starts in a high plank position, and the other (B) starts standing at their feet. The standing partner then grabs their ankles and lifts them so that their partner is in a ‘wheelbarrow’ position
  • Partner A lowers into a push up. As this happens, Partner B (still holding their ankles) lowers into a squat
  • As Partner A pushes up and returns to the starting position, Partner B stands
  • Perform for desired reps and switch roles


Bodyweight Squat:

Equipment – None

  • Partners stand facing each other at arm’s length, feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, grasping each other’s forearms
  • Maintaining a secure grip, lower into a squat simultaneously. Hold for a moment and return to starting position


High Five Push Ups:

Equipment – None

  • Start in high plank position, facing each other. Both perform a push-up, dropping the chest to the floor while engaging the core
  • At the top of the push up, give your partner a high five with both of your right hands
  • Repeat push up and switch hands

Partner Pushup


Medicine Ball Twist Pass:

Equipment – Medicine ball

  • Stand back to back with your partner, feet shoulder width apart. One person holds the medicine ball
  • At the same time, both partners rotate to opposite sides. When you both meet, pass the medicine ball from one person to the other
  • Turn to the opposite side and exchange the ball again


Lateral Lunge with Throw:

Equipment – Medicine ball

  • Stand facing each other, about a metre apart. Each partner take 1 step to the left so you are staggered
  • At the same time, both perform a lateral lunge with the right leg. The person holding the medicine ball will lower the ball down to the right side on a slight diagonal
  • As both partners push off their right foot and return to the starting position, pass the medicine ball from one partner to the other
  • In one smooth motion, catch the ball and perform another lunge. Repeat both sides


Lunge to Chest Pass:

Equipment – Medicine ball

  • Partners stand facing each other, approximately 1-2 metres apart
  • One partner holds the medicine ball at chest height and steps forward into a lunge, passing the ball to the other partner towards the bottom phase of the lunge
  • The other partner catches the ball and then performs the lunge and pass action themselves
  • Repeat with both legs


Medicine Ball Slams:

Equipment – Medicine ball

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with the medicine ball on the floor in front of one person
  • One person picks up the ball, lifts it above their head and forcefully slams the ball down on the floor as hard as they can
  • Once the ball hits the ground, the other partner picks up the ball and performs the same movement, allowing for a moments rest before completing the next rep


Medicine Ball Sit Ups:

Equipment – Medicine ball

  • Start by sitting on the floor, facing each other, with knees bent. You can interlock your feet to stop one another from moving. One partner holds the medicine ball
  • The partner with the medicine ball will perform a sit up with their arms extended overhead, while the other partner performs a sit up without the ball
  • When both partners come up to meet each other, pass the ball from one person to the other and repeat

Sit Up Pass


Resistance Band Rotations:

Equipment – Resistance band

  • Stand side by side with your partner, approximately a metre or two apart, depending on the length of the resistance band
  • Hold the ends of the resistance band with both hands out in front, making sure there is tension in the band
  • Start the movement by one partner rotating away from the other, and then coming back to centre. The other partner should perform the same movement once they return to the starting position
  • Repeat and switch sides


Broad Jump with Resistance Band:

Equipment – Resistance band

  • Start with Partner A standing in front of Partner B, facing away. Loop the resistance band around Partner A’s waist, with Partner B holding one end in each hand. Partner A steps forward until there’s light tension in the band
  • Partner B stands with knees slightly bent and hips slightly back for stability. Partner A jumps forward as far as possible
  • Repeat for desired reps and change roles

Resistance band broad jump



If you are currently studying your Certificate IV with AFA, check out the partner exercises video in topic 3 for some more ideas!

If you’re interested in learning more about personal training methods and in studying our Certificate III & IV in Fitness, click on this link for more information.



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