9 October, 2015

In 1993 when the Australian Fitness Academy (AFA) first opened its doors to those eager to learn about life in the industry, we quickly cemented our reputation as among the most prominent fitness learning institutes in the country. Whether you're studying for a Diploma of Fitness or are enrolling into a first aid course, AFA can help you take giant strides towards the job of your dreams. In the 22 years that students have been coming through AFA's doors, countless alumni have gone on to rewarding, long careers in the fitness industry. 

Those employed within the fitness industry are ranked among the top five happiest workers, across all professions.

In part, this is down to the wealth of nationally-recognised certificates and awards that the Academy offers, but getting ahead in the health and fitness industry can sometimes take a little bit more than that. Of course, a career in fitness can take many paths – some choose personal training as a preferred profession, others a fitness instructor – and, whichever route you take, you're likely to glean immense satisfaction from your work.

This isn't mere hearsay – indeed, the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that those employed within the fitness industry are ranked among the top five happiest workers, across all professions. Hence, it won't only be your clients' lives that you'll be improving – your own contentment will grow, too! 

What are my chances of finding a job opening?

The truth is, job options open to you once you have graduated from AFA are remarkably strong. There are a wealth of diverse opportunities in the health and fitness sector, from finding employment in a private gym, an exercise studio, or even taking the plunge with your very own personal training business. That's a whole deal more freedom than other certain qualifications can lend you, and numerous job boards exist online, detailing the latest openings across the country.

Perhaps you'll find that personal training is your calling.
Perhaps you'll find that personal training is your calling.

That's not to say that you'll waltz into your first job without a worry in the world. Commitment and passion are also vital traits to your mindset, and a good deal of hard work and effort will be required – but we're sure you'll know that already! Additionally, AFA's team of qualified lecturers will be there to help you navigate the finer points of landing a job in the fitness industry, as well as the choices available to you upon graduation. We'll help ensure that you are in the strongest position possible when the time finally arrives to start the search for your ideal fitness job.

Why not get in touch with AFA today to find out which course could open a new career path for you? 

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