6 October, 2017

Our Course Resource Development team have been busy working on a series of new and improved exercise demonstration videos to assist students studying the Certificate III and IV in Fitness courses.

With additional exercises and exercise variations added to course topics, the new videos offer a more comprehensive explanation of the exercises than our current videos. We’ve also taken a realistic approach so you feel like you’re right there with the lecturer in our practical classroom.

What’s new?

  • Safety set up demonstrations
  • Demonstrations of teaching points and suggested cues to correct poor technique
  • Side by side comparisons of good and poor technique
  • Slow motion replays, multiple viewing angles, annotations and visual highlights
  • Visual analysis of the exercise, including joint actions and muscles involved

So what goes into making these videos? We took a few minutes to talk to Luke, who as well as creating and delivering a lot of our online courses, also has started to edit together and polish our video lectures and most recently, has been in charge of updating our exercise library.

Luke has found a real talent for the creative side of video creation, and is putting these new found skills to great use by updating the videos to be more engaging and cleaner.

luke-directingFirstly, Luke will make notes of everything he wants to cover, so for example, in the lower body exercise library, he would jot down all lower body exercises he wants to cover. He’ll then make a detailed schedule of when to get the filming done, ensuring it fits around face-to-face classes and other events happening within the facility. Next up, he has to recruit models, of which we use our staff and students when they’re willing to help out.

Once filming has taken place, Luke will collect all of the footage and import it into Adobe Premiere Pro, his software of choice, and in his opinion one of the best video editing programs out there, which was recently used as the editing software for films like Hail Caesar and Deadpool.

He uses Premiere Pro to make the colours pop, adding in annotations and eventually adding voice over. Once the video is cut together in the order he is happy with, he’ll voice over the instructions and directions to help our students follow the video and learn what they need to know from it.

At this point the video is sent on to other members of staff to proof and just make sure the video is polished to perfection.

We’re very pleased and excited to let you see these new videos.

We’ll be releasing the new exercise videos across the Certificate III and IV in Fitness course topics in stages over the upcoming months. Keep an eye out for these videos coming soon:

Certificate III in Fitness (Lower Body Exercises) – COMING OCTOBER 17th

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