24 May, 2018

It is finally here! For the last 3 months, our Course Development Coordinator, Luke, has been working tirelessly on updating the Certificate III in Fitness course manual. We have adopted and utilised the power of Adobe InDesign to create the document with a new, professional lay out which we feel is more visually pleasing and user friendly for our students.

The online version of the manual has been created with an interactive approach which allows students to get to where they need, both externally and internally with the simple click of a button. Some of the examples of the changes/ updates to the course manual include:

  • Simple one click links to internal parts of the manual. For example, click on the chapter/ topic within the table of contents to be taken directly to the desired page. You can also click on the page number of each key word in our index to be taken directly to the appropriate page.
  • The manual now has chapter summary pages at the start, as well chapter review questions at the end of each chapter. You will also find the answers to each of the review questions for each chapter at the end of the manual. HINT: On the answers page, click on the heading for each chapter and it will take you directly to the page of each of the relevant quizzes.
  • New and updated imagery for anatomy. These new images will make analysing muscles with relation to origin and insertions much clearer than the previous manual.
  • Over 90 links which link out to external resources. These resources include:
    • Click on each new topic heading to be taken directly to the online presentation for that topic
    • Click on the heading for each of the exercises in topics 5 & 6 to be taken directly to the exercise video demonstration on our learner management system
    • Click to be taken to relevant websites
    • Click to download important course resources such as program card templates, pre-screening forms and journal articles and much more…

For certificate IV students, don’t stress we have already began work on our new cert IV course manual which we hope to release in September this year!

For current students if you would like to watch a video which Luke has put together which demonstrates all the features of the new course manual CLICK HERE (the link is https://afa-lms.mywisenet.com.au/mod/resource/view.php?id=2638)

We really hope you enjoy the new course manual.

Here are a few shots of the inside:

1 2

page 7

Clicking on the chapter will take you directly to the title page of that chapter, alternatively clicking on the topic name will take you directly to the topic page.

page 6

Clicking on the name of the exercise will take you to the online video demonstration for that exercise.


Clicking on each topic heading in bold will take you directly to the online video presentation for the topic

Click on each topic heading in bold to be taken directly to the online video presentation for the topic

page 3.

Clicking on the CLICK HERE within the orange section, it will take you to an external destination to view the related document, web page, video etc.

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