27 May, 2020

Covid-19 has been a horrible virus that has majorly affected the way we live our lives. Although fitness might be at the back of most people’s minds at this time due to the tragic loss of life and income that it has caused, there is finally some hope and light at the end of the tunnel as restrictions start to ease. With restrictions easing this also means that gyms will soon re-open. You might be feeling guilt from the food or alcohol that you have been consuming during lockdown and you might be jumping out of your skin to return to training. When you do finally return though, there are a few things to remember.

Gym Space


Start Slowly

If you are not one of the lucky few to have access to a home gym then you might have been relying on the use of a few dumbbells and resistance bands to try and maintain some of your progress while at home. While this is good planning, it cannot truly replicate the stress and resistance that barbells and machines can. It is important then to not go all guns blazing on your first session back. Startling slowly with some good volume training is best for the first week or two to ensure that your body can adapt to this stress again and to help kick start your muscle memory.


Have a Schedule

Consistency is key when returning to training. Be sure to plan your goals and set realistic time frames for these. Plan your days of training and be sure to stick to it as the consistency to your training will help you be able to get back to where you were pre-lockdown. Setting yourself a schedule for your training days will help keep you in check and can be a constant reminder of the direction you are heading.


Importance of Nutrition

Most of us might have been guilty of snacking on comfort food or consuming more alcohol that normal during this lockdown period. While there is no point punishing yourself for your previous choices, if you plan on getting regular results when getting back into the gym you have to ensure that your nutrition follows suit. There is no point in completing a great workout and then not fueling your body properly. This might take some time to get your diet back in check but keep this in mind if you are wondering why your results aren’t progressing.


Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Great things take time, and your results are no different. It might take you up to 3 months for you to regain the progress you had before Covid-19 came in and changed your plans. Be patient, stick to your plan and just persist and persevere with your goals in mind. The more you focus on where you want to get to, the easier it will be to leap the hurdles you may face along the way.


Don’t Take the Gym for Granted!

For most of us, the gym can be an escape from work and stress, and is a sanctuary where all frustration can disappear. Hopefully nothing like this ever affects the world again and while the access to gyms might be restricted for the moment, it will return to normal.

Next time you pass up a workout for sitting on the couch instead maybe remind yourself what it is was like when the gyms were closed and how much you missed it. It might help change your mind to get up, get dressed and go smash a good workout.

Happy At The Gym



Written by:

Aaron Spence

Student Support Officer/Lecturer

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