27 January, 2015

Four traits every Personal Trainer simply MUST possess
(and they just happen to start with P!)

Having overheard a conversation recently about how a client was constantly left waiting for their Personal Trainer to arrive I started thinking about what traits every Personal Trainer simply must have to make it in the industry!

These are not rocket science, they’re not founded by years of study and they’re certainly not new! They’re simple and will help anyone in any industry!


You don’t need the latest branded gear, or the most expensive trainers on the market, but you must look the part! Neat, tidy and dressed appropriately (no sandals) is a no brainer!  Most clients don’t expect their trainer to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger (or the female equivalent) but they do view them as a role model for health and fitness.  Therefore you need to present yourself as a healthy, active person and your lifestyle should reflect this.


Don’t be late for your clients! If you want to lose clients QUICKLY then try being late once or twice! I can guarantee if they come back it won’t be for long. Your time is no more important than anyone else’s and why you are late all the time is not really anyone else’s problem.

Having said this, you should also expect the same respect from your clients. If they have an appointment time set with you, they should also be on time!


Smile, motivate, listen, learn and respect your clients.  The fitness industry is a positive, upbeat and fun industry to work in.  You don’t have to be an extrovert but it is important you show your personality and engage your clients.  They will respond to your positivity.

Sure, we all have days where we don’t feel like this… So on these days, just fake it!


You need it in any industry and fitness is no different. You must have a passion for fitness, a passion to help others achieve their fitness goals. Sure this may wane sometimes and the occasional client may make it hard for you to stay passionate.  However until your business and clientele has built up and you have strong numbers of clients, you really can’t pick and choose who you train.  So when times get tough it’s always helpful to refer back to why you started, your PASSION for fitness and helping others! What’s your passion?

To be successful it really comes down to being professional, and adhering to these 4 traits.  So yes, the industry is fun, exciting and upbeat but don’t be fooled, it’s not a walk in the park.  Your clients will expect a high level of expertise along with a passion to help them to be their best.  It is with that philosophy that we train our students to lead the field so they can maximise their career potential.

If you possess the above qualities and are serious about a career in fitness then contact AFA on 1300 973 342.


Written by Sarah Morrissey, AFA Marketing Manager.

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