14 December, 2013

I’m a Personal Trainer, I don’t need to know about sales!

It’s an area many Personal Trainers prefer not to think about. However, what a waste any of your marketing efforts will be if you miss opportunities to make a sale (or in PT terms, gain a new client!!)!

You’re never going to have a 100% conversion rate, not everyone will want to train with you. Don’t take it personally, learn from it and use it as a chance to improve upon your sales process in the future.

Here are a few tips to help you with gaining new clients, and to ensure your success more often than not.

Have confidence – believe in yourself and your service

If you don’t believe in yourself and your service, no one else will. You need to realise the value of the service you are offering. You can help to change people’s lives for the better and through doing so will make some lifelong friends!

Having confidence in your ability will come across positively when you are talking to potential clients and make it much easier to convert enquiries into clients!

Contact your enquiries ASAP – don’t wait a few days to get back to people!

You have worked hard to get the enquiry so don’t wait a few days to a week to call them back. Guaranteed if you do, you will lose them!

Sell results

Find out what the person wants to achieve and explain how you can help them to achieve it. In many cases it’s easier to do this through a face-to-face meeting for 15-20 minutes.

Meet with them, ask what their fitness background is, what are they looking to achieve, how often they are looking to train, how they can and need to fit (diarise) training into their lifestyle, and most importantly sell their results. If they train and stick to the schedule they will see and feel the results they are after!

Use testimonials from your current clients

This ties in nicely with selling results. Talk about other clients you have helped to achieve goals, clients with similar goals as theirs. Use their feedback and testimonials to help with getting others on board.

Ask questions and LISTEN to answers

Look out for any objections that come into the conversation so you can make sure you address them. Many people communicate their objections but they are overlooked through a lack of listening!

Ask for the sale

Would you like this package or that package? Would 7am Tuesday suit you to come in for your first session?

These questions are subtle ways to ask for confirmation of the sale. Book them in and get them started!

Practice makes perfect – The more you ask for the sale, the better you will become at converting!





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