InsideOutAre you interested in becoming the BEST in the field? Are you willing to learn from our osteopath, movement coach, strength & conditioning coach, and personal trainer?

We will teach you everything there is to know about:

  • Client assessment
  • How to coach various training modalities from a movement perspective
  • How to get your clients actual, long-lasting results through training, nutrition coaching and mindset strategies
  • Constructing fun training programs that enhance client movement and performance
  • Modifying programs based on injuries and/or insufficiencies seen in your clients

We’re a young, enthusiastic and professional team, driven to help all our clients and to change the game! We’re committed to leading the way and improving the training standards within the PT industry.

It’s outdoor training and it’s unconventional. We train a bunch of legends four mornings a week, as well as provide them with online coaching & support in order to teach them how to take control of their health, their habits and their life.

The training involves a mix of boxing, running, high-intensity functional strength training, as well as focusing on optimal movement patterns, postural correction, injury prevention and core stability training to allow our clients to train consistently at the highest level possible.

The following is a short list of expectations we have of our applicants:

  • Available for 8 hours per week (i.e. 2 hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, 5.40am-7.40am) at our McKinnon location.
  • Interested in taking your personal training to a whole new level.
  • Ready to learn the strategies to get your clients long lasting results.
  • Ready to learn what it takes to be a leading trainer in Australia.
  • Will have a positive influence on our community and continue to foster an environment for growth
  • You’ll actually train our clients (not just shadow)

Apply now by emailing us your cover letter and resume to [email protected], and make sure to mention your favourite brunch spot in Melbourne!

Australian Fitness Academy 1300 232 348 [email protected]
701 Glenhuntly Road
Caulfield Victoria
3162 Australia