As the leading fitness course provider in Australia, we have created a package of professional development workshops to ensure you’re always at the forefront of the industry. These additional certificates have been put together to give you a more efficient way to achieve your 20 CECs required for Fitness Australia registration.

What’s included

These 8 additional certificates will bring your skills and knowledge to a higher level, enhancing your employment opportunities, improving your success rate with your clients and giving you the means to remain Fitness Australia registered. The certificates provide the latest in exercise trends for personal trainers and how to use them within your programming.

Fitness Australia CEC Certificates

Online Marketing For Personal Trainers $200 Fitness Australia 5 CECs
This course includes the latest in online marketing strategies, to enable you to build your business in a cost-effective way. Learn about Social Media strategies, website optimisation, and online communication channels, specific to your target market.
Olympic Weightlifting Techniques $150 Fitness Australia 3 CECs
Olympic weightlifting exercises involve complex movement patterns. This short course provides technique strategies to gain an in depth knowledge and understanding of a variety of lifts.
Advanced Periodisation Techniques $200 Fitness Australia 4 CECs
Going beyond the basic principles of periodisation and exploring the underpinning mechanistic theories of periodisation and how to apply these methods for clients with a variety of health and fitness goals.
Suspension Training $150 Fitness Australia 2 CECs
A comprehensive online workshop that uses practical demonstrations to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to plan and deliver a variety of suspension exercises for clients.
Exercise and Pregnancy Training Guidelines $150 Fitness Australia 2 CECs
Covering the essentials of training pregnant clients. Including up to date information, relevant to pre and post natal clients, clarifying many of the misconceptions associated with exercise. The information is current, research based and supported by experts.
Running for Personal Trainers $150 Fitness Australia 2 CECs
Covering running technique, programming and drills and how they can be used to get results for clients with running specific fitness goals.
Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training $150 Fitness Australia 2 CECs
This comprehensive online workshop uses practical demonstrations and applications to provide participants with a detailed understanding of fundamental kettlebell exercises.
BONUS: Supplement & Fad Diet Facts $150
This online workshop highlights the advantages and disadvantages of popular supplements and fad diets and provides the fitness professional with the knowledge to respond to common client questions.

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Fitness Australia InformationFitness Australia Approved CEC Provider

We recommend that you become a member of Fitness Australia, the leading association for fitness professionals in Australia.

The benefits of Fitness Australia membership include:

  • access to tailored insurance specifically for fitness professionals
  • resources to assist your work in the industry including codes of practice, health screening tools, HR and workplace health and safety information, business branding and a database of accredited professional development programs
  • international portability of qualifications

Once you have completed the initial Certificate III and IV in Fitness qualifications you can register with Fitness Australia. Your initial registration lasts for 2 years, in order to maintain your registration you are required to complete a minimum of 20 CEC points every 24 months.

Completion of our Professional Development Pack is the ideal way to attain the 20 CECs required to update your registration and freshen your PT knowledge.

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