6 March, 2020

It’s the oldest story in the book…. John Doe decides that it is time he looked after his health and decides to start an exercise program. He is extremely motivated and attends the gym twice a day five times a week for the first three weeks. John feels great and is noticing some dramatic changes to his appearance. Fast forward two weeks, and John is struggling to find the motivation and the energy levels to continue to train with the same enthusiasm. After six weeks, John lies in bed and thinks, “surely it is okay if I miss one day of training”. One days turns into two, and three and four consecutive missed days. Soon enough John is no longer training.

So what happened to John Doe? The answer is, he didn’t prioritise recovery as a part of his program.



Have you ever wondered what the best method of recovery is?

Before we answer that question for you it is probably just as important to help you understand the importance of the recovery process. The recovery process allows for the body to adapt to the stress that has been placed on it during training. In doing so, it will replenish energy stores as well as repair and build up new tissue which allows you to be bigger and stronger than you were before you started.

So back to our question, have you ever wondered what the best method of recovery is?

Well, we can’t give away all of our secrets! You will have to check out our new short course – Optimising Recovery After Exercise.

In this short course we will examine the mechanisms behind fatigue as well as the main components of fatigue management. In addition to this, we will take you through the 10 most common methods of recovery and use science to compare and contrast the effectiveness of each. In the end we will also provide you with the answer to the original question posed above. The answer might surprise you!

Further Details:

  • Approx. 4 hours of study time
  • 10 CEC accreditation points with Fitness Australia

For more information, visit the Optimising Recovery After Exercise course page or give us a call on 1300 232 348.

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