30 November, 2018

You are probably reading this because you’re considering taking up studying during your maternity leave. You’re not alone, many women choose to study during this time away from ‘work’, including one of our Ambassadors, Lisa Licciardi.

We are not trying to say it is easy, it is not. It will take discipline and hard work, on top of looking after your newborn, but it certainly is doable. We know it is from the number of mothers that have done it under our tutorage, guidance and support.

Why take on extra work whilst on maternity leave?

To answer this question you need to understand your own goals and drives. If you’ve left a career you love, and plan on returning to that career, you might want to learn all about fitness so when you return to work and exercise, you’ll have great knowledge on how to write yourself a fitness program and carry it out with confidence. You’ll also be able to pick up some extra work from your colleagues; think running some work boot camps at lunch, or taking a HIIT class in the morning.

If you have left a job you did not love, or want a career change, you might be looking to get your Certificate III and IV in Fitness to help yourself find a new career in the fitness industry, in a more active job.

Finally, one of the biggest reasons women decide to embark on a career in fitness is the flexibility. By getting your Certificate III and IV in Fitness, you’ll be able to give yourself flexibility when you do return to the workforce. As a Personal Trainer, working for yourself often gives you the ability to fit work around your life. You don’t have to worry about school runs, or dropping children off at crèche, because you can fit your clients in around those errands.

What will it take to become a Personal Trainer whilst on maternity leave

As mentioned, it will take hard work and discipline. However, if you follow these tips, given to us from previous students that have been in the same situation, you will be able to give yourself a great opportunity to set yourself up for a fulfilling career in fitness.humphrey-muleba-791155-unsplash

  1. Ensure you have a study area set up. Have your laptop open, your desk clear and a notepad & pen at the ready.
  2. Schedules do not really work until your baby is into a regular routine. So, be prepared to jump straight into studying as soon as the baby is asleep (have a baby monitor nearby).
  3. Set yourself some deadlines. Although the course is online and does not have any strict deadlines (except having 12 months to complete each certificate), it is a good idea to spread the course over your own timeline and set deadlines for major milestones.
  4. Try to get ahead of the curve. Even with set deadlines, try to get ahead of those deadlines. If something then comes up, and takes you away from your study, it is a much better feeling being ahead than having to play catch up.
  5. Whenever you are in the car, set up one of our podcast lectures to play. You can listen to a previous lecture to help the content to really sink in, or listen to something new and learn whilst you are driving.
  6. When taking your new bub out for a walk, download a lecture, plug in your earphones and listen to some content. This is a great way to get active, fit in some study time and keep the little one entertained.
  7. Whenever you are waiting for something or someone, don’t head straight to Social Media, instead, open up our iPhone or Android app to get some more study done whilst you’re killing time.

We know it is a challenge, but if you want something enough, it will be well worth the effort. A career in fitness is extremely fulfilling and it will allow for a good amount of flexibility. If you think this is something you are keen to give a try, enquire now and have a chat with us, or call 1300 232 348.

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