In 2013 the SIS50213 Diploma of Fitness was designed and delivered to upskill Personal Trainers to enable them to work more effectively with clients who had specialised needs. It equipped Personal Trainers to work in collaboration with medical and allied health professionals.

The topics included in the course were:

  • Exercise Guidelines for Cardiorespiratory Conditions
  • Exercise Rehabilitation for Musculoskeletal Conditions
  • Nutrition and Exercise Strategies for Metabolic Conditions
  • Health Management Strategies and Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Exercise Guidelines for Neurological Conditions and Disability
  • Exercise Guidelines for Children with Chronic Conditions

In 2016 the SIS50213 Diploma of Fitness was replaced by the SIS50215 version of the course.  From our experience in delivering the Diploma qualifications for many years, we are not endorsing the new version as we don’t believe it contains sufficient content to upskill personal trainers.

  • Of the 18 units, only 5 of them are relevant to improving the personal trainer’s practical skills. These units cover; health promotion, injury prevention, application of evidence-based practice to exercise programs, advanced anatomy and physiology and exercise programming.
  • The remaining 13 elective units are selected from either Fitness Services Coordination topics (eg. leading work teams, managing budgets and risk) or Management (eg. Communication skills, project management, financial management).

In the current format, we believe the qualification is not particularly suitable for exercise professionals who wanted to develop their practical skills and knowledge.

While we recognise that some exercise professionals do want to move into management and program coordinator roles, we felt they would be more suited in completing a general Diploma of Business Administration to acquire those skills.

We’ve also been pro-active in lobbying the developers of the Diploma qualification to include a more practical elective stream that covers advanced exercise programming skills. We are hoping this may be released at some point in 2020. If so, we will be happy to offer the qualification.

If you are doing your research on fitness industry qualifications, you are likely already aware that the requirements for employment are the Certificate III and IV in Fitness. Completion of the Certificate III enables you to work as a fitness instructor while the Certificate IV is the required qualification for employment as a personal trainer.

There is no specific job outcome for graduates of the Diploma of Fitness. You will still be employed as a personal trainer (the same as a Certificate IV graduate), because there is currently no higher level.

As an education provider in the fitness industry, we are striving to raise the standards of qualifications completed by our exercise professionals. But we also want to assist you to complete the most suitable course for your needs. We are not going to attempt to sell you an expensive Diploma of Fitness qualification that:

  1. Won’t improve your chances of employment, or
  2. Won’t equip you to work more effectively as an exercise professional in the fitness industry

Should you be interested in completing higher qualifications (than the Certificate IV) or professional development, our careers consultants are happy to discuss your individual needs and provide you with guidance to assist you to make an informed choice.

We’ll also let you know if an improved version of the Diploma of Fitness becomes available.  For more information please contact us on 1300 232 348 or click here.

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