19 October, 2020

Here at AFA HQ we are blessed to have had many students come through our facility with a passion for helping people towards their health, fitness and life goals.

While there is copious amounts of new information they take in there is always one question that is asked in class as students get ready to enter the industry…..”If I’m starting in the industry, how much should I charge for a PT session?”

The answer is always wide and varied depending on the product you are offering:

  • 1 on 1 PT
  • 2 on 1 PT
  • 3 on 1 PT
  • Small group PT
  • Fitness appraisals/Consultations
  • Online PT
  • 30, 45, 60 minute sessions?

How Much Should I Charge as a PT


On many occasions, if you are starting out on a gym floor somewhere, the gym facility might have a fixed rate and you would receive a cut of this at an hourly or sessional rate. Other options may find you being able to set your rates yourself, in this instance my response is always the same;

Charge what you are worth, but be worth what you charge.

While this sounds a bit vague, let me explain what I mean. In any industry there is a ball park cost for a service, a haircut, a loaf of bread, your daily coffee. As consumers we are usually on the lookout for the best value for money. Additionally if you receive a service that you are really happy with you are likely to continue to return for that service.

How Much Do I Charge As a PT


In the fitness industry, what dictates whether you can charge $60 per session or $120 per session? What makes you different from the rest of the trainers out there?

Before you set your price, consider the following:

Are you…

  • Providing a thorough and professional client screening process using industry best practice and Fitness Australia recommended client screening tools?
  • If required, referring to appropriate Allied Health Practitioners in a professional and ongoing manner?
  • Assisting your client to set realistically achievable goals and regularly checking in to assess the client’s progress?
  • Implementing strategies outside of the training time to assist the client to achieve their goals?
  • Providing safe and effective exercise prescription that is specific to the client’s goals, utilizing the appropriate components of fitness and training variables specific to the client’s fitness level, skills and abilities?
  • Methodically progressing the client’s sessions with the progressive overload principles and a regress first to achieve progress?
  • Providing a high level warm up/cool down processes with nervous system engagement, muscle activation and mobilisation methods and providing industry best practice in injury prevention?
  • Providing the clients with a professional postural analysis and programing accordingly?
  • Providing the client appropriate nutritional advice that is within your scope of practice?
  • Adjusting your communication approach to suit your client’s personality type?
  • Ensuring you are maintaining ongoing professional development and continuing education?
  • Injecting fun into your sessions and utilizing and implementing a wide range of training methods, styles, pt tools and locations?
  • Looking holistically at your clients goals and leaving no stone unturned to assist them toward their goals?


Always consider what makes you different from all the other trainers out there and why a prospective client should choose you over the next trainer. With these skills in your arsenal, regardless of what you are charging, you will be worth it.


Written by:

Xavier Griffiths

Student Support Officer / Lecturer

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