14 February, 2017

f45 for blogF45 – you have probably heard of it, the new fitness trend that is taking Australia by storm.

F stands for functional, 45 for the length of the class (makes sense), and the workouts are getting members coming back for more…

Set up in a ‘boutique’ style studio, classes focus on high intensity interval training, resistance training (or both) in a circuit-style setup, with motivating music and trainers – ensuring everything is done correctly.

A series of wall-mounted TV’s provide instruction on what exercises members need to complete next, and the workouts change daily, incorporating different exercises, combinations and recovery times.

David Lurie, owner of F45 Highett, is one of many new franchise owners of the 500+ F45 Studio’s that have opened in the past few years.

“F45 has taken the world by storm – great workouts, great music, and a great atmosphere has made us one of the most popular alternatives to a standard gym”.

With a cost of around $60 per week, membership is slightly higher than a regular gym, but less than having 1 on 1 personal training.  Although it’s hard to beat the instruction and one on one attention of personal training, it’s not for everyone, so regular attending members are getting great value for their money with F45.

As a F45 owner, David Lurie has taken the next step to becoming a qualified trainer so he too can instruct classes at his studio.

“F45 requires highly-capable, charismatic instructors to lead the workouts and motivate people to reach their potential.  After much research, I chose to study with the Australian Fitness Academy to receive the highest standard of fitness qualifications.”

Studying AFA’s industry leading online fitness training course, David can complete his studies around the busy schedule of a Studio owner, knowing he too will be able to instruct classes once he has his qualifications.

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